Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Foxconn Factory Simulator (15 Hour Workday) Part 1


Ever heard of FoxConn City in China? FoxConn quality of life is so bad for many young teens the only way out was to jump from the windows to their deaths. The problem became so bad they installed nets out side the windows in order to prevent further deaths discouraging the rest of the people from attempting suicide. Ever wonder what would drive these people over the edge? 
Well check out the FoxConn Simulator!
 Relatives Mourn Suicides
At least 10 employees killed themselves at Foxconn in 2010, more than during any other year. A father mourns his son outside a factory in May 2010.
A full 15 hour work day of assembly work. Remember this is only one work day. You can imagine working 6-7 days a week ? 
Also you must understand the mentality of the Chinese. If you turn your back on this work you are dishonoring your family and your nation. Death or Dishonor are your only ways out. 
I urge you to look into FoxConn City. Help bring light to this draconian system that has enslaved humans.