Thursday, February 4, 2016

Flint Poisoned While Nestle Gets Tax Money To Steal and Bottle Michigan Fresh Water

But things get even worse for the people of the people of Flint. Though they are right next to the Great Lakes – vast bodies of fresh water – this water is being stolen by the Nestle Corporation.
Even worse, Nestle is being paid to do this, through Michigan tax-payer subsidies.
Nestle is selling the water that could be used for the people of Flint, and they are making a fortune doing it. All of this was encouraged by Michigan’s former Republican governor, John Engler.
The Engler administration has literally paid Nestle approximately $10 million in local property and state education tax abatements, job training, and infrastructure grants to steal Michigan’s fresh water.
These subsidies actually led to three separate citizen blockades since April at the company’s new bottling plant in Stanwood.
Lieutenant Governor Dick Posthumus, the 61st Lieutenant Governor of Michigan and majority leader of the Michigan Senate, proposed a plan to protect the Great Lakes, in defiance to Engler’s scheme with Nestle.
But in 2006, just weeks after Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm signed a package of bills to prevent mass diversions and withdrawals of from the Great Lakes, it was made clear that Nestle was exempt from these new regulations.
 M. David-