Saturday, February 13, 2016

Black Child on False Flag Terror Pt.II
 Here is a video with "The Black Child" on you tube.
In this video he talks about how government speak about how fake these false flag events are so obvious.Paris and the EU are under martial law, American and France are sharing information to create a largercontrol grid. Our government creating minority report, 1984 style advertisements to spy on your neighbors.The Nato Otan connected to the Tavistock institute.

News reporters are all trained by The Tavistock institute neurolinguistics techniques like color codes hand gestures how to talk in a certain way how to disrupt patterns of thinking, how to direct and divert train of thought. Nato are foundations created by the Tavistock institute. If your country is part of Nato then they are involved in: chem trails, GMO's, human abductions, sacrifice, stock market manipulations, subliminal's, MK-ultra, underground bases, ELF low frequency harassment.
The FBI are running false flag operations using false memory hypnosis mk-ultra monarch programming using physiological drugs to create patsies. Using military highly trained under hypnosis to run hit squad style operation; false flag events.