Monday, December 7, 2015

The Mystery of the Brown Mountain Lights Episode
There is a very interesting phenomenon in  Western North Carolina. This phenomenon has been happening since the start of this country and maybe even longer. During the late night hours lights can be seen flying and fluttering around along the mounting line and dancing in the night sky. For more then 800 years no one has come up with a reason for this. These are considered UFO's but where do they come from and where are they going?
This seems to be a very strange American secret. I my self have never heard of this till a month ago. When looking into this it seems that even the government will not offer a explanation to the residents. People have suggested the military is away of what this is, but will not explain the origin to the people. Could this be a Alien airport? Are aliens that occupy the planet using some kinda of magnetic source here to recharge their ships? Test have been done that do result in unexplained geo anomaly's. Is it possible that the military are keeping investigators from finding out what is really going on here in Western North Carolina?