Friday, December 25, 2015



Here is a interesting video with a eye slit from Prince Philip. There are some other so called shifts in the video, but i think the prince philip one is most prominent. I question if the other two are really relevant or even not worthy.

At the 1:52-1:55 mark you can see this eye slit. I have noticed in films and television that the pupil will become very dark and noticeably stand out. This does happen before a eye slit occurs. I question this my self and at the risk of sounding like a odd ball think is this cause these beings are really digital sentient sentinel's? Can they see us as well as we see them in real time. Some times when spotting these slits i get the feeling we are really staring at each other in real time. Are these gate keepers really watching for those of us that can see past their gates and stand at the frontier baring witness to their global power grid.