Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Britney Spears - Break The Ice

In some of the more unbelievable corners of the conspiracy world there
are talks about secret world military programs. This is a program talked about
where people are being cloned. It is said that there are many "cloning Stations" around the
planet. In these stations its said that many high ranking officials are doubled over and over.
there are many wild and outrageous clams to these theory's.
This is a video from Britney Spears
who was said to be under mind control sense a child and had broken out of her programming. could this video of hers be hinting at these "cloning stations"? Is she trying to tell the world that
these places do exist. Was she able to access one of these facility's and stop production of her clones.
Was this the reason she was able to break out of her mind control slavery? Is this why many people are saying she could be targeted for assassination?
Is her video break the ice a hint to the conspiracy to whats known as Cloning Stations? Or could this
be just more double speak propaganda smoke and mirror campaign to detour the people from the truth.