Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Dr Rima Laibow Doctors Are Being Assassinated For Taking On Big Pharm...

The medical industry has become a corrupt industry driven by greed. Doctors are no longer concerned with health. The idea is if some one is cured of their illness their is no money to be made from them. Pharmaceutical company's have become the leaders of the medical industry, keeping people addicted to legal drugs.
They have started a endless war, keeping cures a secret. Diseases are never cured cause they are a trillion dollar business. Keeping the people under their control and influence is the goal. People trust these doctors cause of their degrees and their nice offices. These are no guarantee that they want to help you but are a guarantee they are in this industry to get payed. 
They depend on your ignorance of the body and health in order to steer you into a constant state of sickness. This enables them to pass you to different colleague and allow every one to make money off of your sickness. It has gotten so corrupt that Doctors who seek to cure people are slandered, fired, threatened and even killed. These Doctors are willing to inject you and your babies and your children with diseases in order to keep their industry booming. 
If you ever question the medical industry you are labeled a nut. This is a physiological tactic used to keep you under their thumb. There have been many people who have fought this medical mafias reign of sickness and won. Cures are covered up and hidden. Natural remedies are being outlawed. Vitamins and home gardens are becoming illegal. All in order to allow the pharmaceutical company's to maintain their strangle hold on the peoples health. Do not allow your self to be controlled buy their power. Research for your self, believe in your self.