Sunday, November 29, 2015

Codex Alimentarius Explained in 6 min

 Frankie Gotz
Codex Alimentarius is a corporate commission, to develop food standers guild lines and control the trade of food. This commission posses under the guise of world health, but is really a power structure to poison the global population with pollutants.  Codex Alimentarius has set forward to ban real organic food and replace them with GMOs in order to poison human kinda and drain financial resources of the people doing so. This commission claims they are working in the benefit of the people but this is a bold face lie, and this is obvious to any one with half a brain who is willing to research into it. Codex Alimentarius classifies "vegetables, animals and fruits as toxins" and is working to remove them from the population. They are also working to eliminate vitamins from the planet. Codex Alimentarius plans to treat "every" animal humans eat with monsanto growth hormones. These monsanto growth hormones are well know to create breast colon and prostate cancer in humans.

Codex Alimentarius also works to radiate "ALL" food humans eat with radiation. 176 country's have agreed to ban 12 of the worse organic chemicals known to humankind. 9 of these organic chemicals were pesticides, Codex Alimentarius has brought back 7 of these Persistent Organic Pollutants.
The true purpose of Codex Alimentarius is revealed through the projections of the impact of Codex Alimentarius which will result in the minimum of 3 BILLION death's! One billion through starvation and 3 BILLION through the preventable diseases of under nutrition.
You can learn more about the dangers of Codex Alimentarius from videos on you tube by searching "Dr. rima laibow" who is the most popular for exposing Codex Alimentarius. 
For any one in doubt of the existence of draconian shape shifters i suggest that no human would ever do this to their children. This is a draconian agenda to control the world population. You must under stand:
"Good honest hard working people.
White collar blue collar doesn't mater what color shirt you have on.
Good honest hard working people continue these are people of modest means.
Continue to elect these rich cock suckers who don't give a fuck about them.
They don't give a fuck about you
They don't give a fuck about you
They don't care about you,
At all !
At all !
At all !
Do body seems to notice no body seems to care."
George Carlin-