Saturday, November 7, 2015

Agenda 21 and The Reptilians

There is so much wrong going in this planet going on you could say its not human. Many people want to say that its human nature to fight steal and start wars, i do not agree with this. I think that a a lot of this predatory nature comes from a possible demon possession or even alien race not from this earth realm. The way the elite stone wall the cries of the people i think their are two sides on this earth. Humanity and the Draconian Reptilian's. 
There is definitely something being hidden from human kind. There is definitely a force in control of the planet with a complete disregard for humanity. Just look at agenda 21, look at politics, the corrupted legal system, the mind control media who turns a blind eye to the truth and wills of the people. The media who only supports paid interest. A great example of this is the Clintons, their is much to be said about the crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton yet the media will portray them as a church going white collar do good couple. 

This is so far from the truth, these two people have a license to kill and they use it. They frame, murder cheat steal all in the name of America and get away with it. The main stream media will never tell you this. This is why politics is trying to put into action a plan to stop independent bloggers like my self. They do not want any one questioning their draconian agenda. They are the reason when i say there is a reptilian draconian agenda working to enslave human kinda you want to cringe and say oh this sounds crazy.
They are the reason why when i tell you these people are responsible for murder, bribery, theft, just about every thing in the book that a normal citizen would spend their life in prison for you want to say oh thats not true or what difference does it make. You could say well sense its not happening in front of your eyes it doesnt matter but this isnt the case these are the people who are running he country. These are the people keeping the IRS in power, Taking your hard earn money. 

These are the people bankrupting the nation all in the name of their draconian agenda for global control. Drowning the world in drugs, sex, and addictions in order to sedate the minds of the people. They are the ones putting control systems in place to keep "humans" out of power. 
When i started researching this shape shifting reptilian angle i was skeptical.Yet i came across a video that really made me question how legitimate this theory can be. 
 "Reptilians in The Matrix Movie"
This lead me to reseach more and more and more. During this reasearch i feel like i reached a peak then a low point. I was able to see many things that convinced me their is a inhuman force controlling the people wither it be demons, aliens i dont know but what ever it is it has no regard for humanity. Just look at corperations like Monsanto and look into GMO's. The list of corporations goes on and on. I sugjest of you really want to understand more about this read through these two videos thoroughly!
 "Breaking Free from the Matrix & The Evolution of Consciousness, Reptilians, 2012, Ascensio"
 Their is a program who works day in and day out to prevent all of this from becoming common knowledge. I have seen them suppress this knowledge through all types of censorship. As much as you may want to think this isn't real and the earth is just a bunch of humans in chaos i urge you to reconsider who is in control of human kind. This is why they are behind board members and council desk's rejecting our request for peace and freedom.