Friday, October 16, 2015

UFO Disclosure Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Interview Several Alien Species UFOs Visiting our Planet

 NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell takes part in a disclosure campaign held by the
National Press Club revealing the existence of UFO's. Could it be possible this whole NASA program and Alien programming be part of a plan to convince humans on the planet we are living on a globe when we really live on a flat plain? Could the elite powers of the world be blocking off access to Antarctica in a attempt to prevent human kind from revealing the true nature of our so called globe?
These same powers talk about how Antarctica is being blocked off for natural lands reserves, yet in my opinion they do not care about this at all. You can see this when you look at how the elite powers allow corporations to pollute the globe on a massive scale. You can also see this in their fight to control free energy, keeping the planet on fuel and electricity in order to control human kind. 

Do not believe for one second that these powers are ever concerned about the well being of human kind or nature. Their only concerns are keeping a strong hold on humanity NOTHING MORE! 
If you research the Masonic connection's to NASA you will find many interesting connections from numerology to just a number of members involved with high level programs.