Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Family Demands Arrest of Cop Who Ran Over Unarmed Man For ‘Alleged Seat Belt Violation’

The family of a Florida man who died after being run over by a police officer is demanding action. They have released the police dash cam video of him being run over by an officer, all over what police say was a “seat belt violation.”
Marlon Brown was a 38 year old from Deland, Florida. Police ran him over back on May 8th, two years ago. His family waited for the legal system to work, but unfortunately it has failed to provide justice for Marlon Brown.
Now, they are calling for the arrest of the police officer who says Brown failed to stop for “an alleged seat belt violation”.
ABC News reported that Brown “had been arrested more than two dozen times over the past 20 years and served jail time for drug possession.”
The man had no violent past whatsoever, but local news channels caught the pass from the police department by trying to highlight a history of victimless crimes to justify the police murder.