Tuesday, May 5, 2015


 Power company's in the US, Canada, Japan, Europe are now being used to install radiation emitting surveillance devices in peoples homes called "Smart Meters". These devices have been reported to be dangerous harmful unlawful and evasive and still the power company's have stone walled the people and ignored their complaints while continuing to install "smart meters" in peoples homes. We have come to realize that these power company's around the globe have always been fully aware of the harm and dangers of the use of these smart meters and have even premeditatedly planed strategy's to withhold  information to the public about the meters. Even install the devices with out the consent of the home owners, and to flat out lie about what the meters are and do, to deny information or provide legitimate documentation on the meters. 
This smart meter movement is really a surveillance program in disguise. These smart meters are build to do things power meters are not meant to do, and the power company's are forcing people to use them through government regulations. Many people are dependent on electricity and now this dependency is being exploited through a program called the "Smart Grid" which is designed for massive collection and centralization of the public's personal data. This is part of a United Nations New World Order program called Agenda 21 (research Agenda 21). This program is run by billionaire eugenicist who plan on depopulating the earth then keeping humanity in a world wide surveillance control grid of regulations.
The utility company's of the earth are being forced to make people used these devices even though it has put them at legal risk of law suits for putting people at health risk and have been commanded to not give any solutions or other options from the smart meters (besides life time regulation fees). It has become apparent that there is a power above the utility company's that has become a determined enemy of the people. None of our public agency's have helped to enforce safe utility metering.
To defend our selves from this New World Order step foreword on the people we must let go of our consumer mentality and adopt the mentality of an enforcer against a determined opponent.
You must not regard these power company's as your friend. If you want your home in the future to be free of these access electromagnetic radiation, monitoring devices you cant negotiate and agree with these harmful proposals to install these devices. The power company's will convince you there is a opt out option but this will come at a fee. This is nothing less then extortion. These company's with out informing or consulting their clients, that all costumers will have to pay a large fee upfront and monthly fees "forever" for "not having" a more expensive cancer causing radiation emitting meter that conducts surveillance inside the home. Never before have electric company's forced people to pay for "not having something".
Through these monitoring devices the power company can now target people for their consumption of energy and charge penalties and fees for what they consider undesirable usage. If you refuse to except these meters they want to collect a revenue any way by charging you fees for not having the meter! All this while regulators ignore this corrupt scheme. People must collect evidence against these power company's. If you have a Smart digital meter in your home or work place it is a good idea to keep a diary of the changes of peoples health. Parents and kids have been getting sick from these smart meters. Head ache, nausea, insomnia, lack of concentration, heart palpitations, mood swings, depression, confusion, poor performance at work or school, sick days, lost jobs, family dysfunctions and conflicts, disintegrating relationship these are all symptoms that have shown up after these meters have been installed in peoples work or homes. Documenting these activity's can help to give you leverage against these forced meter by law.
These power company's are acting as though they do not have to listen to your cries for safety, health and privacy. This is no small program and will take all people to come together and fight to get these unhealthy meters out of our lives!