Thursday, May 14, 2015

DEA Worried About Marijuana Legalization Cutting into Illegal Profits --...

 The DEA has came out in a public relations campaign to stop the legalization of marijuana in a order to prevent their financial loses in running illegal drugs into the USA for mafias. Eric holder has refused to prosecute HSBC, Wachovia bank after they were caught laundering money for Mexican cartels which brings up the question who are the ones really running the illegal drug trade. The DEA is engaging in whats know as a double speak tactic in a attempt to persuade the public at large who are not aware of operations like fast and furious, where the fed's were caught running drugs and guns for the cartels in exchange for information on rival members.

The Federal government has refused to prosecute banks for laundering money for cartels out of the USA but had continued to prosecute banks for storing money for small time legal medical marijuana businesses. This would reason the Federal government is preventing US businesses from growing but is selling out to drug ring from other country's. It has also been admitted that the US military has grown Opium for the heroin trade in the US with over seas poppy plants.

The states are starting to realize they are loosing in this war on drugs and may be able to raise some state revenue by legalizing marijuana for recreational use. While the DEA petitions against this move in a so called moral stance, they refuse to admit how immoral it is to imprison millions of Americans for purchasing illegal drugs that are brought into the country by the DEA and US government agency's. Studies have shown that legalizing marijuana for recreational use would hurt the cartels financially. So it should only be obvious to any one who has done a small amount of research that the only reason the DEA and US government is preventing federal legalization is to continue making money working with Drug mafias and keeping Americans imprisoned for using and selling the drugs.