Sunday, April 19, 2015

WAKEUP 31: Brainwash,Kayne West,Kardashian's Masonic Wedding,Occult House

 The persuasion of brain washing is a technique that is being refined and perfected every day. With the use of media news, political spokes men and even Hollywood actors acting as the spin doctors for the establishment working day in and day out relentlessly down the minds and on the backs of the people. To the point so much so they wont realize their opinions are no longer theirs but the word per word scripts that have been written and played out over and over for them. In other words fitting in to the "Status quo". With this comes a seance of belonging and comfort in the middle of it all.
The human house hold is in a war. The illusion that we are not at war is the perfect cover to allow people to let down their guard with the thought they are not being attacked, and there is no adversaries. Wars are only fought by soldiers in far lands.  As long as a human has free will there will always be a war in order to shape that free will.
The bible speaks about demons who are to assemble the kings of the earth to turn on each other on the day of the almighty God.
A powerful tool used is symbolism. A symbol can bring emotions very quickly and transfer meaning with out words. Such as the symbol of a heart can bring thoughts of love, compassion, caring. And the opposite is true as well a symbol of a broken heart can convey emotions of pain hate anger. Secret society's uses this type of communication to speak privately to the masses and pass messages in front of many people who are with out knowledge of this hidden language.
In my opinion many musicians and entertainers today are using ancients symbols in order to maintain the idea they are superior. This is a type of brainwashing. It may also be true these entertainers or influential people are using these ancient symbols to summon up deity's for protection in order to maintain their power position's over the masses.
These secret societies use these symbols to maintain a constant order through time.