Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Orwellian Police Software Scans Social Media and Assigns Citizens a Thre...

Posing as a life saving technology. This  technology called "Beware" collects "massive" amount's of information. This software is forcing people to censor their freedom of speech over the internet or risk being targeted by local law informant as a threat!
 You may not even have a criminal police record, yet if you have spoken ill of the government, the IRS or about police you will be treated as a hostel target. This software will also tell police about any persons who have even associated with the targets address. So if you visit a home of a friend and they are targeted as a hostel by this police software your name and all your public information will be accessible to these officer!
 So basically even if you have not been pulled over by the police your information will be brought up!
 This "Beware" software allows police to gain access to your social security number along with any public accounts you may have such as "Instagram","Facebook",etcetera. The makers of beware software purchases billions of pieces of commercially available personal information and combines it with any police data base records. This software creates a threat score similar to a credit score even "Before" the person has been pulled over or targeted by police!
 In principle this software collects data and creates political prisoner targets like some kinda communist police state. This software also has many faults and has the ability to mis-target many people as hostel. "Beware" software will also have the ability in the future to collect peoples "Health Records" in order to create a bigger profile on police targets.