Saturday, April 4, 2015


 Darpa's (defence advanced research projects agency) Scaler technology coming out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Scientist have figured out how to implant false mental reactions in a mouse. This tech can lead to mind control and brain washing in human beings and can be used to turn people into robotic slaves. This technology can be used as a weapon and is invisible to human eyes and ears. This system can also be used to knock out military technology like tanks, air planes and even stop solders on the battle field.
This weapon can be added to satellites or cell towers across the globe. The US department of defense will not even speak about their RF (radio frequency) weapons. These RF weapons have the ability to even manipulate the weather. 
This device can be installed in televisions and positioned in peoples homes. These frequency's can project images in the mind causing the person to see something that is not there. This is not new and in the 60's it was demonstrated as having the power to stop a bulls aggression in their tracks. Any function in the brain can be modified from emotions, intellect, personality and can be used on a whole town. 
It has been used many times before by military's. This psychological technology has been used to persuade a population to choose a certain political party who are under the control of particular groups in government. This system is becoming so secret and undetectable you will not be able to turn it off or even detect you are being targeted. These RF (radio frequency) weapons can simulate a drug experience or cause fear and apprehension in the targets.
A feeling of fear, criticism  or anger can be projected from satellites, TV's, cell phones or radios and in turn the media can come out and suggest you are in fear, upset or make you criticize a targeted group of people. Also with the ability to implant false memory's in humans similar to the film total recall and hack into a persons mind much like a criminal hacker into a computer is their goal. This system can be used by the military industrial complex or privet corporations. Transmitters and receiver's can be implanted in a persons sinus cavity or a microwave can be used to receive and transmit the signals. Then mimicking human brain waves and even causing speech in side a persons mind. This has been used on military opposition.
Through out the city there are "Gwen Towers" that are being used to transmit and receive these signals that are used on the population for control. These frequency's can be used to keep the population in disbelief of the attacks that are being held against them by mainstream government and bring them to a feeling of helplessness. They have been called voice of god weapons. Billions of dollars have been spend setting up electronic satellites and towers to project these waves out on the people. These towers have even been disguised as trees local to the area, cactus's and even in church crosses in order to prevent questioning about this technology. Businesses have been payed off to allow these towers to be constructed on their property.
A lot of this is has been hidden from the people so no one really suspects this. This allows this technology to take unreasonable steps and put these antennas in unnecessary place.
Bellow is a story about parents who have taken a stand on these towers being put in the face of their children. These towers are being put up in schools to began "programing" and desensitizing children at a early age.