Thursday, April 23, 2015

Big Pharma Conspiracy: Health Epidemics & The Untold Story of Vaccines

The Indegraph Times

 Children across the earth have been forbidden to attend the public schools that their parents work tirelessly day in and day out to pay taxes unless they give into what has casually been called 'Vaccination's". City districts have started a martial law like door to door vaccination census campaigning to seek out parents who are opting their children out of these vaccinations. During the swine flu epidemic 1/3 of British nurses refused to take any medical vaccines due the possible side effects. In 1976 there was another swine flu epidemic where people were vaccinated and ended up getting sick, parallelized or even died. There is a obvious opposition to your choice of being healthy.
This opposition intends on insulting your integrity in order to undermine and subversively disenfranchise your beliefs and freedom of choice. what is even more dangerous is these so called people will fully understand they are leading the masses astray. The mainstream media will petition the people to take these vaccinations, but will call you crazy if you recite what is in them is harmful to the human body. Chemicals like aluminum, insect repellents, formaldehyde, mercury and the list goes on.
These vaccines are pushed on the people even though there is no strong evidence these vaccination's are doing what they are said to do. This generation of children have become one of the most unhealthy generations in written history. In this generation 1 in 3 children have asthma diabetes, eczema, arthritis, seizures, cerebral palsies, food allergies, autism, attention deficit disorder, torrent syndrome, speech delays, autoimmune, special needs and dozens of other neuro developmental disorders and delays!
8 Million girls have had at lease 1 Gardasil vaccination. After these vaccinations many reports have came in such as pain full paralysis that is resistant to any type of treatment. Merck the producer of Gardasil publicly stated that there have been no deaths linked to the drug, Yet the CDC has 138 reported deaths from the the Gardasil vaccinations.
Parents are taking their children for their yearly check ups, and end up receiving annual vaccinations for their children. Many times after these vaccinations a few days or weeks, months, even hours later begin slipping into autism. These vaccinations are shrugged off as harmless but there is no such thing as a "harmless vaccine"! It is a extremely dangerous to put these vaccines that contain poisons and toxens into a child with a perfectly good immune system. These vaccinations have been linked to many causes of children developing autism. In the 1980's autism was about 1 in every 10,000 children. In 2013 it became 1 in every 50 children.
The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will maintain a bias in order to maintain their perceived look as ethical and safe when this in fact is far from the truth. The problem is the major majority of research is being funded by these same drug company's that are producing these dangerous vaccines. In this way any research being release will maintain a bias opinion in order to keep their funding.
These researchers will only study the vaccines for a time of 2 weeks. While it takes years for these autoimmune diseases to surface from the antogens introduced into the immune system! You can not make any firm conclusions of the safety of these vaccines in two weeks. The validity of these vaccinations are promoted in whats called "doublespeak". When these vaccines are introduced into the body all that is needed is a reaction from the antibody to be termed as "effective". This allows these company's to inject a number of chemicals into the body then when a antibody reacts to one they can say this vaccine is in turn "effective".
These company's never research vaccinated patients with un vacinated patients to make a comparison. They will legitimize these vaccine's by saying that as long as your body is producing antibodys against the disease's these vaccine's, they are preventing you from getting sick. In animal studies, animals were injected with the vaccine, then injected with a virus and would still succumb to the virus. There is no data these company's can produce that will say how long or in fact will you ever be immune to the viruses these vaccinations are trying to prevent. These vaccine's will only produce a very short lasting protection.
These Vaccine's contain a long list of chemicals used in spermicide, insect repellent, fertilizer and cancer causing substances that create lots of problems in the immune systems! Just a single one of these chemicals can cause massive autoimmune diseases. The pharmaceutical industry is the most powerful industry on the planet with ties to every thing from military to media. The pharmaceutical industry has built power through playing a chemical roulette with the lives of the people on earth. They have maintain a double speak of presenting them selves as safe and effective yet what they really are is "unavoidably unsafe".