Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where have 200,000 homeless Vanished to???

Their is a large movement in the united states to round up people who are living on the streets and bring them to camps where they are denied leave. The homeless in the states are being forced to either be put in jails or to be caged in "camps". It is considered "Illegal" to not live in a home or apartment building. These camps are a trap, they are made to seem like they are helping these homeless yet their is a hidden agenda to chip the homeless with RFID chips. These chips have the ability to emit alpha and beta waves. These waves can cause an effect on human emotions. Manipulating peoples feelings. 
This is the start of a program to chip all people in the states in order to stop people from fighting the government and their draconian laws. The government is trying to ruin the economy in order to financially break the citizens of the USA. Soon it is very possible they will suggest that the people in the camps who wont take the chips are to be executed. A lot of these homeless have gone missing and the government is celebrating claiming they have solved the problem of homeless. 
FEMA is infamous for having millions of coffins. Is it possible they have begin using these coffins for the missing homeless?

 The government has passed bills to put the people of the USA in these camps if their is ever a major disaster. It is very possible and beneficial for the government to orchestrate a false disaster in order to uses these FEMA camps on the civilians of the US.