Monday, March 30, 2015

Homeless Taken to FEMA Camps and RFID Chipped! *PLS WATCH* - It´s NOT a ...

Are the homeless people of America becoming the first targets to be chipped in concentration camps in the United States.  Is being homeless becoming a crime? Are wages being lowered while the cost of living rises in order to push more people into not being able to support their family's?
In South Carolina the homeless people are being forced to either go to jail or live in a FEMA camp. While in these FEMA camps the homeless are being persuaded to take the RFID chip. There are other camps like this in the US located in Boston, New York, Texas, Louisiana. Laws are being made to criminalize being homeless in California and Florida. 

Once in these Camps these people are not allowed to leave. Through the internet many people have expressed their opinions about the government, and the government seems to be answering back with a program to put people who disagree with their actions in re-education camps.
The government is also working hard on a way to have all civilians chipped. The problem with this is they are not telling people that these chips have the ability to act as an antenna and can be used to manipulate a human beings brain waves. 
A person who has been chipped can be more susceptible to suggestion. Meaning they will not have a opinion of their own and follow orders with no argument. 

Conditions have been implemented by the government to marginalize the homeless by making it "illegal" to feed any one who is homeless. People are being charged like criminals for breaking the law by feeding homeless people. 
Its seems like there is a operation in play here to push people into a financial crises to make them homeless then making it illegal to be homeless and offering them a micro chip in order to become a member of society again.