Thursday, March 19, 2015

2nd Year Anniversary

Hi welcome to Cover Upz Blog
This is it!
 Its the blog for conspiracy theory's. This is our second year. I have been posting conspiracy theory videos for 2 years now. 
I am sad to say i haven't been doing much writing this year.
There was a time when i smoked more pot and i would just speak my mind and was bit more punctual. These days i can barely type how i feel. Cover Upz Blog is a huge project for me. I have always intended to bring this blog's content to the globe.

You are all here now. There is no denying this. The planet is listening. Cover Upz has reached its goal of spreading the blog across the planet. Africa, Japan, Europe, Russia, The America's, Asia, Oceania.
The question now is are we all really together?
I ask from you all to trust that Cover Upz message is real and pure. 
We dont want harm for humanity. We want only peace love and prosperity for us all. 
There is a opposition and i believe it is not human. 

Well here we go for another year of Aliens, Military police state's, Political scams and Protest of the People.