Monday, January 12, 2015

Chris Brown's DEMONIC MUSIC Causes Club Shootings!!

The Black Child
This video was suspiciously removed after i made a comment on it saying i would share the video on cover upz blog for hits. This was minutes after it was release by The Black Child
(Screen shot of video from shooting) 
Here is a video below that shows the Chris Brown shooting that was featured on on the deleted video. what is very interesting is at the 0:40 Mark you can see this only one person in the crowd that has red beaming eyes and is frowning like a demon. could this be the shooter?
Bellow is a link to google drive where you can hear the hook to the chris brown song "Loyal"
This sound bit is played forward then in reverse. 
In the reverse section it sounds like he is saying:
We said hey yay, we all in for satan. (hail satan)
We all in for satan. (hail satan)