Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Christopher Dorner Time Lines Raises Serious Questions

Why did he go to work Feb 1st the day after he posted the manifesto Jan 31st and why didn,t police who where now protecting 51 familys arrest him that day at work , or track him imediately at the dive shop and why didn,t he show up for work monday but instead killed monica and her fiance in a high secrurity parking lot and then chose to call dad 11 hrs after shooting police and why did he wait 4 days to call .

In the early hrs of Feb 7th how did the citizen know police where looking for dorners truck and the new claims they reconized dorner at the gas station if they just put out a alert couple hours previously in the early AM .

Why did they wait for 4 days until the boat incident to name him if he already posted the , why did Dorner check into a navy hotel if he posted a manifesto 8 days earlier saying the killing will continue yet up to this point police haven,t implyed he killed anyone until 4 days after monica and her fiance where executed at close range in a High secure parking lot .