Thursday, September 18, 2014

Reptilian Radio - How to convict reptilians

 2Circles came out with a interesting video. In this video a Sirius XM show interviewed "Donald Henry Rumsfeld". In this interview the question was asked "are you a lizard?". There seems to be a rash of high level elite that are publicly being ask if they are draconian shape shifting lizards. 
What is even more interesting is it seems that the answers are never a flat out "no". It seems as though there is a draconian code similar to asking a undercover police officer he is or ever was affiliated with a government group, they can not say no. 

From my understanding the draconian race has the ability to speak in a backwards tongue to each other. If you research or analyze sound bits of suspected shape shifters you will find that there are incriminating words being said.  Such as "I am a Lizard", "I am a Snake" and even more in depth incites to the draconian agenda. Such as "This suit is over heating" "This suit is malfunctioning" "My suit is having a meltdown". I have even heard it said "know that you know our disguise i want you to die soon".
In this video by 2Circles you will hear a interview of Donald Henry Rumsfeld being asked is he a draconian shape shifting space lizard. What is particularly interesting is he does not say no, yet seems to give a coded message. Forward the responce seems to be a unrelated answer, yet backward you will hear him give a answer more related to the question. This is almost proof that the draconian speak in reverse. 

During the interview he is told, "you didn't answer the question" and he responds " i think your hanging around with the wrong people". In reverse Rumsfeld reply's "If i am a reptilian, its none of your damn business". He also says in reverse "And honestly i could go in there and get'em to round up your whole show tonight, but maybe im not that evil". In reverse he also says in reverse that he wish's them to all leave the show tonight well.