Monday, September 15, 2014


Black child with a very interesting video. Recently there was a police shooting on a unarmed male in the US. Their was a large outcry across the nation which was followed by a major street protest. Many people came out to protest the killing of this unarmed male by local police. 

There is a secret standard procedure for peaceful protest on police. This can also be observed in the kent state shooting which took place in the 60's.

What happens is embed agent proctors who work for the establishment pose as violent protesters in order to subvert the peaceful protest which aim to discredit the movement of the people in order to allow the state to claim the protest's need to be shut down cause the people are unruly.
This tactic has been used a lot recently in other ways eg. long gunmen shootings. This lone gunmen shootings have been linked to secret black op military mind control operations being used to disarm the civilians of the USA. 

It has even been said that these tactic's have been used over seas in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. Its been noted that American military have been posing as opposition rebel fighters in order to legitimize the war. Its almost saying that the opposition have giving up on the fight yet in order to keep the war going on for profit the US has covertly posed as the enemy in order to make it seem as there is a enemy when the enemy no longer exists. 

During this protest for the killing of a unarmed man, locals have said they have spotted many agents for the state who were not apart of the protest that were inciting violence in order to discredit the protest and label the people as unruly.