Tuesday, September 16, 2014

alien hand / failed anatomical structure

This is a very interesting and rare video by Pocholo986! There are many clam's across the internet that the news station CNN harbors Draconian reptilians who pose as Journalist. This may stand for good reason to being that any of the Draconian journalist will never rock the boat for the establishment cause they are all on the same side against humanity. 
Their has been a shortage of shape shifting videos and this in my opinion is cause the draconian agenda is responding to the trend across the internet of reptilian videos. Even close channels i have worked with have seem to obtain a separatist attitude. Dividing to conquer seems to be the establishments go to tactic.
In this video you will see Kristie Lu Stout a American Journalist for CNN International Station. During the live airing of this broadcast the journalist was spotted forming a draconian claw.
 Alien's posing as human's live on television. This is why you are seeing no sympathy for humankind. These aliens despise humans and work endlessly to continue the slavery of mankind. Their technology is so advanced that the human race can not unite as a single unit and triumph over them. We are in a endless cycle of denial which allows us all to be subdued by all their antics.
They use a tactic of incentives to get humanity to enslave each other.