Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sacramento Sheriff Confronted Over Stingray Surveillance

According to reports from ABC News 10, the department obtained the Stingray, a small device that collects countless cell users data by mimicking a cell tower, several years ago without informing the public, local judges or prosecutors.
Scott, who has reportedly failed to provide any substantial information to media and civil liberties groups, became outraged as one reporter began questioning his department’s lack of transparency.
“Are you proud of disrupting an academy graduation?” Scott says before storming off camera. “We’ve dealt with your incessant badgering of our department over these issues.”
Sacramento County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi, who admitted to never once seeing a Stingray warrant, told reporters that any sort of cell phone tracking would absolutely require one.
“We request a search warrant in all of those cases,” Grippi said.
Despite refusing to outright admit to owning the device, records revealed that Scott’s department provided information regarding Stingrays to police in San Jose.