Monday, May 19, 2014

Hershel from;The walking dead" Really a reptilian?

Video By: Elijah Judah
Hah, i did the reverse audio on this video sounds like he says.

And hes, hes a good man. Hes wonderfulah, wonderful writer, so.

 "yeah i work for him, yeah i work for him, see i am the lizard. seeing it.

Download for reverse MP3. file

Full sample

(wow i am loading the reverse audio. when i click the link it is reversing the audio to play normal. had to load it through this site. if the audio doesnt work you can just reverse the audio your self.)

Here is what i think is said backward:
um its just the that i make mush of their alphabet if ya feel me
what is there else here right or right
he ha ha ha
here you go
ya ya
do you hear me? yes i did
what is there
yeah i work for him, i work for him
see i am the lizard seeing it
ya know i hear his
investigate it
show him that indeed i am ah
you can make money up
if you patch that door.