Saturday, March 1, 2014

JFK Assassination Solved With Reverse Speech Analysis?

Here is a video of sound clips from the JFK shooting. This collection of reverse speech clips reveals some scary comments made. One of these sound clips is from the young John F. Kennedy, Jr. him self. John Jr. forward is asked what happen to his father. Then he is asked what he remembers of his father. When he is asked this there is a undertone where its almost as this question is from the people to John Jr. 

 "I don't remember anything"

Asking him what does he remember of what happen with the shooting. Its seems like he wants to say i remember (possibly speaking from the last time he seen his father) then he pause's, and reply's i don't remember anything. This feels like it is a trained response from the family to the press.
Yet when revealed in reverse speech there is a soul searching comment made by John Jr. ! 
Check the video out.