Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hissing Reporter -reverse speech analysis-

This has to be one of the most interesting videos on the reptilian agenda i have ever seen.
This video led my down a road where i was able to discover another whole side to the conspiracy. I am a but shocked how un circulated this information is.  After watching this video i did a few reversal speech analysis on some similar videos to the one below. Such as Video's on the internet that have TV personality's who display face scrambling and what many conspiracy theorist believe to be a holographic system meltdown.
After reviewing a number of these videos i was able to hear conversations similar to this video in this post.
Here is a post i made of a video involving the same news show from fox network.

In this video you will hear a second reversal speech analysis of Lisa Breckenridge from good day la new show from fox.
This is the second video i have seen that shows Lisa system crash and when reviewed in reverse speech you can hear what sounds like they are talking about their holographic field is failing.
Lisa says in this video "The mask getting me hot!".

In this reversal you will hear the reporters say things that sound very similar to what a supposed reptilian shape shifter would say.
here is a short list of things said in reverse.

Jillian Barberie of good day la acting normal during a system meltdown.

Must not, reveal mission, messy my disquise!
It's the evil hunt.
yeah there are no wings at work
They're bats!
"if you" - in their eyes, theyre really seen,"pick up"
They are all army fit
Now we locking on, i have a similar shape/name.Perhaps they find it easy to control their "opposites" physically?
See your lizard really!
What are you looking at?!
 Leave us alone, lets go!
See ha, even though we been suited up.
Know our secret boy Hi!
 Its now weak he may burn his nail through the net.
There is another land of the snake walkers here with

All this is said in reverse during a video of news reporters on a live show. during the show the reporters faces become scrambled. when the audio from the videos are played in reverse you can hear another conversation. above is a lost of comments that can be heard in reverse. These comments resemble what seems to be a conversation between reptilian shape shifters posing as humans. While their holographic program is failing you can hear them almost panicking on audio when played in reverse.