Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Cover Upz Blog!!

Here we are one year, and we are stronger then we started. I was thinking how when i started a year ago with the blog the views chart was on the ground and we had 2 or 3 bumps across the site view chart floor. I remember thinking to my self that the goal is to get that page view chart to hold some water. 
well when i started the blog in order to spread the link i would post the link in the comments section in high viewed videos on you tube in hopes some one would come visit. That got me started for a while. I started getting post views this way. 
I had began looking for ways to  update the blog or just dress it up. In this i came across G+, this was another way i found i could promote cover upz blog. I linked the blog to google which is natural cause google runs blogger. Then i started promoting the blog hard on G+. I would look for community's that were large and i would post my blog post's in them. I soon found  the censor lines that create G+. I started posting in any category i could find, and the admins would yell at me for posting aliens stuff in lord of the rings community's. So in this i found i needed to find large community's that were not really topic related like random thoughts community. Yet even at first these community's would ban and report my content which is what we still post a year later. Cover Upz account was banned for "spamming" after repeated off topic reports. 
After this i realized in order to stay off the ban line i would need  to post in community's that were of similar nature or flat out open to any type post. This is when i found that even that would not keep me from having issues. When i started posting in large "conspiracy" aka "truth" community's i would find my self being reported by the owners of these so called conspiracy community's. When i stood up to these admins on other accounts after being banned i realized it seemed most community's were embeds who maintain a status quo for what the establishment considers conspiracy theory. These admins were flagging anything extremely unusual and then in posts using Neurolinguistics to battle any agitators in there community to keep the daily ideal for what is excepted as truth.

Even after arguing it out i was still banned from most large community's. This is when i realized in order to maintain a strong foundation for the blog visitors i would have to rely on members who were just as avite about these topics as my self. And i found that and more. During this time i have to say i feel like i felt my self at ground zero in the public arena for what are called false flag events.
When you are deep into the conspiracy video arena you will see some times news travels faster then main stream media. and that may be cause we dont have as many promotional commercials. 
The event known as the Boston bombing was something that personally made me feel like i was in some kinda hippy park protest sit in. As the event happened i personally and many others including 4chan community were exchanging information on what people were reporting and i felt a lot of this may have changed the course of what was to come.
I have learned a lot about the conspiracy this year just going through videos. In this process i feel like i have had my personal network tampered with in a malicious way. Before cover upz i have never seen many of the attacks to my pc. I have had you tube videos crash my pc, glitch and discolor, green out. I have had buttons disabled, post disappear, the text line back space when you are typing. Videos have been deleted from post's, or have been removed to play from cover upz blog. Videos have been removed from users you tube accounts, you tube accounts have been deleted.
 Also through out this year we have pushed through all the agent provocateurs on the internet. These one line comedians who i suspect to be chat bots that respond to key words in post's and rely with said comments. The establishment has been caught doing this and has even hired over seas people to sky in this way on the public.
When i see the stone wall of LAW that is put up against human kind and the faceless bureaucracy of this draconian establishment use daily on the people i cant feel bad about making post that i do.
I can feel the fear of the people who fail to stand up to fraudulent democracy. A two faced spin doctor hunted house system that will never act in favor of the citizen"z". So the public falls numb in concerns and allow the deprogramming to continue decade after decade always forgetting the past allowing it to repeat.