Monday, March 24, 2014

FULL HD Avril Lavigne Square Pupils Reptilian Humanoid Teeth Morphing

In todays globe there are many levels of information. Such as making a building takes many skills. Every one on the planet for the most part lives in a building. Most of the people that live in builds dont know how it is built, especially the more complex a building can be. The same is true for science and other subjects.
There are many whispers in government elite circles that a human cloning project has been taking place for a while on the earth. If you look back in time you will see a story ring through the ages of "Frankenstein". This is a story almost know world wide. This story is older then many technology's we have today yet it is still even being played in theaters in our modern day.
Yet the public is still under hypnosis that prevents them from thinking to far from their daily life's to see many of the scientific advancements that are being waged behind closed doors.
Their are claims that we live among androids today. There are said to be many classes of androids from electronic, to bio nano tech, right down to soul hacks (human bodys that have had the original soul removed and replaced with another host).
These claims at first may sound like something you cant believe is true cause they are not doing your shopping or your laundry. Instead they are keeping the people in a psychological cage, they are policing the people for the draconian elite. So while you are on your hamster wheel these clones are out doing your job in the name of the establishment.
The human being is being replaced.   
Video by: Akrinnatus Entertainment and Discovery Channel