Saturday, March 1, 2014

Exposing Saturn Five: The Polar Vortex

This video is taking a huge dive of the deep end. The video is talking about a huge machine in Antarctica that is being used to collect energy called "The Primer Fields". Another odd thing about this Machine is it seems to be collecting energy similar to another said alien machine used to collect energy from Saturn. This machine is about 10 times larger then the Eiffel Tower in France. The narrator goes on to mention another video of his speaking about a demon portal in Antarctica. The gate way seems to be opened by a polar vortex magnetic effect and could be used to create a portal to Saturn! Their was also something said in similar videos on this. It mentioned that the demons using this were using the rainbow spectrum to travel through. When i heard this it made me look at rainbows in a whole new way.

Looks like the video was deleted, not a surprise. Seems like there is a lot of truth to what was said in the video. I have tried to get more information on this subject but it seems the source doesnt want to release the name of the location. In the deleted video McMurdo Station was mentioned as being responsible for opening portals. 

When looking into photos of this research facility i am not seeing the same structure. The structure i am looking for is a large vertical underground building that conducts test on elements that are extremely bellow ground. 

After seeing the deleted video i ran into a movie that almost seemed to fit this theory nicely.

I would also like to note that after we ran our post of the video, the video was removed. Our post remained yet we were joined a few days later by a Alex Jones Video with just about the same exact title. And only days after cover upz made our post on it. After watching a few seconds of the Jones video it seemed like they aimed to sweep the subject under the rug by keeping the same title yet speaking about something totally different. What you can call a basic Cover Up story.

Could SuperLuminous1 be exposing secret knowledge that others are not willing to allow others to know? Did they force him to kill the video? Was the video red flagged as a level 5 threat? Who owns this Antarctica complex and why are they hiding it. There is a construction 10 times the size of the eiffel tower dug into the ice and know one knows about it?
could this building be used to create a ice wave around the globe, another globalist scar tactic to keep the people in fear? I can see a trend in the news of this now.