Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Aliens for Dummies

Here is a great video by 2circles on you tube.
In this video you will see a clip from a movie "anonymous rex". This clip talk's about a secret history of dinosaurs that evolved along side of man. In this version of history the dinosaur's had to learn to keep hidden from the humans in order to prevent conflict on earth. In time the dinosaur's learned how to make use of technology and used it to submit the humans population.

Liquid crystal is a technology that has been said to be used by the draconian's to disguise themselves from humanity. There are many clips on you tube of entertainers and politicians that display a layer of liquid crystal pattern over their face while broadcasting on TV. This is part of a system crash of their technological holographic net, and while the system is crashed you can observe the layer of raw liquid crystal.
The video goes on to explain the hierarchy of the draconian order.

Also in this video you will see a very rare video of claimed MK ultra victim Britney Spears holding whats said to be a Nymph. The said Nymph seems to be clutching Britney's hand. In another frame we see the dog's image reflecting what now looks like a grey alien or fallen angel.

Britney with a Nymph.