Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yes We Can = Thank You Satan (obama anounced ww3!)

Reverse Speech is something i have ran across a few times and never really saw the importance for it. Recently i ran into a video that said reverse speech software can reveal what the reptilians are thinking. 
Its seems as what is happening is when you reverse the speech on some one and analyze it, you can just about hear what the person is thinking when they are speaking. 
Yet wait if that is not enough. If you believe in the shape shifter conspiracy, listen to reverse speech on them and you will just about hear word for word a whole different conversation.

Here is Obama thanking Satan for his Seat in Power

Here we have a video of a reverse speech analysis of USA President Obama aka ex CIA Officer "Barry Soetoro's" Campaign Slogan. Geared to the many citizens in America that are under paid and over worked. This slogan also worked to rally African Americans to blindly vote for the CIA stooge. The roars of proud Americans that cheered the new puppet master of the United States out played any sound of reason.
Many people as always would try to speak out against the tyranny yet fell to deaf ears. When the trance had finally slowed down and people Begin to see how they were being effected by the action of their leader it was to late. What were these crys from the talking head of the government agency and why was it captivating so many good folk to blindness?
"Yes, We can!"

Here you will see a video that uses reverse speech programing to play in rewind the so called inspirational GOP slogan. You will now be revealed the true inspiration behind these satanic shells and who they hold their alliances with. How they will "Never" work for you but only against you!