Thursday, February 27, 2014

Reptilian Female Teenager Speaks Out

Curious case of a teenager claiming to be a reptilian wearing a synthetic suit. Even more curious she advices us humans to keep watching television and enjoy GMO food with moth DNA. 

To understand the relevance of this series watch V - The Final Battle For Earth. They are starting to reveal themselves to us, as part of their agenda. This is the beginning of the externalization of the hierarchy. Positioning themselves as our benefactors and saviors. This series likely was a first attempt to communicate with us (down to us) through a chosen channel.

There are other cases like hers, though not as significant. Lately they are getting more numerous. With individuals in forums claiming to be reptilians (mostly with satanic avatars), not all of them are roleplayers, some of them indeed are reptilians. This doesn't happen randomly/individually, it's an orchestrated public relations (PR) operation.

And we would be wise to take this serious, and listen and learn. And prepare ourselves gaining insight and developing counter-strategies to most effectively crush their ambitious agenda.