Thursday, February 27, 2014

Discovery Lab Demos Telebot Prototype

Out of all the applications in the American work force the draconian elite has choose to release a "Police Bott" on the Public. I mean we could just as well use a Politician Bott. Say good bye to the day when a officer was able to decipher through human wit and will alone. The establishment no longer wants the long arm of the law to take things into their own hands and giving suspects a get out of jail pass. 

Imagine you just get a drivers license and you are out for one of your first couple of drives around town. Well say you do not use a turn signal while making a right turn at a light. As the officer is looking up your license he is also determining how much of a criminal your background history is.
The officer finds that you have no prior arrest and decides not to put a mark on your fresh driving record and lets you go with a warning. 
I believe this is why we will be swamped with police bot's. Time after time our freedoms have been taken in the name of security. Under a wave of mind numbing GMO chemical's and chem trail showers the people will have no will to fight change.