Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brzezinski . Kissinger . Obama. and Bush. Reversed speech.

Ok Here is a great video on reverse speech. This is a very dangerous part of the conspiracy and is a heavy guarded weakness of the draconian's. This is why you wont see Reverse Speech much or it is not taken seriously. From my understanding this is cause the reptilians are multi dimensional beings and can talk backwards and forwards at the same time. When you reverse what suspected reptilians are saying you will find they are having whole conversations backwards and helps them remain in secret. 

 Reverse Speech reveals Reptilian Conversations!

After reviewing a few videos of news reporters who were suspected of shape shifting i was able to hear privet conversations. In two cases i was able to hear clear conversations between the reporters. When i heard the reverse speech of the news reporters, i heard them saying stuff like. 
"oh shit my system meltdown!" "Im Scared, it hurts" and "now that you car bombers know our disguise, I want you to dies soon!".
These messages were unintelligible when played forwards yet when studied in reverse you will have the ability to ease drop on the true intentions and feelings of these draconian elite. 
Bellow video is an example of our reptilian government officials. 

From my understanding it seems like when you are seeing these videos of reporters slipping out of their mask's its the result of some one hacking their systems. I must assure you, there is a battle. They are real. They are scared, and they despise and hate humans!
One of the reverse speech videos of the reporters shifting you can hear one say
"Stupid Humans!"
#hackthenet #Crashthesystem