Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thieft 101

I would like to share with you something. some times on the blog hard hitting videos will be removed with out my consent. Recently i posted a video on a police Humvee.  The video was removed from my blog but not removed from the internet cause the video was hosted by a police station.

After i posted the video i came back a hour or so later and the video was removed. I decided to put the video back up.
Here is another police car with the symbol of the reptilian queen

This is a screen shot from the film escape plan (2013) where actor Sylvester Stallone 
Draws the symbol on the wall with a burned bible page!
His name is "Ray" in the film.

The next day i had to attend a public meeting, when i was in this meeting a odd gentlemen sat next to me that had never been to the meetings. This person seems to be moving very odd and i would like to say they may even stuck their tongue out a few times. I paid lil mind to it and went about my day. The next day i attended another meeting and the same person showed up half way through the meeting and chose to sit right net to me again in a room full of seats. This person did not seem interested in the speakers but was in a communication with some one on their phone. This person sat there after the texting for a minute or two and then received a text, read the text then left before the meeting was over.

I suspected this person to be a embed or CIA agent. I paid lil mind to it. After the meeting i came home and was very tired due to odd sleeping habits. I layed down to nap and was awoke by a couple who sounded very aggressive. A family member answered the door and the couple proceeded to explain that they had found the wallet of this family member. They said they lived two buildings away from us and they found the wallet scattered on the side of their building.

This couple looked extremely odd for the neighborhood i live in. I would go as far as to say they looked like nortic people but were a bit aggressive as a reptilian. I tried to get a look at the couple who claimed to be married. They were both very pale white and had both bleach blond hair.
Another thing that was very very odd was the woman was carrying a baby. Yet the baby didn't make any noise or movements.

The family member that was speaking to the couple mentioned that the lady was holding the baby and smoking a cigaret with her free hand and that they shared the cigaret back and forth as if the baby wasn't there. When offered the idea that the baby could of been a doll she said the baby never blinked or moved or made a sound.

After the couple left we approached the manager about the situation. He said he found stuff from the wallet scattered around the parking lot and in the bush's in the back of the building. He also said he had not noticed the screen window having a huge bend in it the previous days so it could of been possible that the thief could of  stuck something into the window and grabbed the wallet.
(If not they must have used their claw)

Yet where the room in positioned you would have to either be monitoring the house to know when she was not in the room to go into the window. The window is far away from the street so it would not make sense that some one happens to notice it on the bed. You would have to be standing in front of the window the whole time to know she was not in the room and in the rest room. It would make more sense if some one knew the habits of this person and timed the event.

I assume they watched me leave for the meeting, sent someone into monitor me and make sure i was not in the house while they made the move. then after the mission was a success they messaged the agent at the meeting with me that they had the object and after he received the text he left the meeting.

Nothing was really lost during this operation, yet it seems like a form of gang stalking. We have lived in the building for years on years and have never had such a problem until now.

They could of been any agency for all i know, yet what shows that they are professionals is they pulled this off while the family member was in the restroom and the wallet was on their bed.  I cant see a regular citizen monitoring a isolated window, know when i was out the house and when the person was out of the room! Then steal a wallet from the window toss some of the content in the back parking lot, then walk two buildings down the street to dump more of the wallets contents.
Then decide coincidentally to go through the car of the couple that brought the wallet back.

Why would they come to this apartment isolated window pick a hard target. Feel comfortable enough to rifle through the contents discard some of it in a bush to be found. Then walk two buildings down to discarded more content. Then decide to go into another random car that happens to be the persons who found the wallet.
For me this just stacks up to many odds against a normal robber.