Monday, January 13, 2014

New Vehicle Joins Wellesley Police Fleet

If you check out the decals on the side of this vehicle you will see the symbol of the reptilian queen with a 3 finger claw scratch mark down the side.

Here is the symbol build right into the window seal of a land rover! Could this be
why this car is linked to elitist?

For me this says we serve the reptilian agenda not the people! Some will make the claim that this is just digital design technique.

 Here we have the symbol flaring across the front of a tampon box!
To let the woman know who is in charge here...

Yet i refuse to believe a police car, a tampon, the Panama water canal and a African election are using this same hand book for graphic design.

 Here we have the 100th birthday of the "Panama Canal" Hey lets toss the fashionable "s" in this and invite Robert de Niro! Note: he has the star version of the "s" on the left shoulder.

Also i know some one who works in graphic design and he has mention somethings cant be left on the cutting room floor like "pyramids".