Thursday, January 9, 2014


3 Months shy of our first year on the web and we are at 50,000. I figured it may take this much time to reach 50,000. This year we have loaded tons of crazy videos on Cover Upz Blog. There are so many i cant even start with favorites. Do you have a favorite cover upz blog video?

One thing i have noticed on cover upz as of recent is some people are trying relentlessly to flag videos on you tube in order to have them removed. Another thing that has happened that is very odd is some video will be removed from my blog claiming the owner has removed the video or the video flat out doesn't exists. Yet when i do a search on Google you will see the video still up. So it seems as if some one is trying not to get attention to these videos through cover upz. Now i assume it could be the video owners them self's yet this isn't true in all case's.

There are some videos that are so hard hitting to the establishment that they are wiped off you tube and Google all together. A lot of us who watch these videos have found this to be a stone wall approach to silence the opposition to the draconian complex.

I have to say its funny, a lot establishment tools have been trying to talk me out of the blog, yet when i sit back and look at the blog i see it growing so fast. It seems they could be worried about the effects cover upz blog has on the popular public opinion.

I have seen a few storys we have cracked open that have had the reptilians spokesmen addressing these issues we have brought up. Also i have noticed what cover upz is talking about is also effecting the way people are seeing some of their celebrity's.  For me it seemed like the biggest case in this was the miley cyrus video we had.

Before we addressed this video on the blog the youth were in a highly sexual state. So much of the establishment music had them becoming very promiscuous. Yet after we posted the story it cought on like wild fire and so many of the youth had their eyes opened and saw that they were being prostituted by illuminati tools. After this a huge back fire on the singer by the people was witnessed. It was so bad that the singer had to come on jokingly and address the question. And what became even more wild was that she came on jokingly and admitted she was a draconian!

 (note this video link bellow was deleted, had to replace it)
Also this video has been cut there was two segments about this on the show.
This is the most impotent part but there is another part to this skit

If you watch the SNL Miley video and have and know what to look for you can see signs of her shifting as well as the other guy. At the end of the video you will see she shows her right hand like a claw. Many people dont know about this so its ignored. Yet there are many videos out exposing this.
Personally its obvious, Miley even does the reptilian alliance hand sign but its cropped out of the scene
I would like to think cover upz blog took out a lot of the steam that train was working with.

What do these 3 have in common?