Friday, December 20, 2013

NSA and GCHQ spies ‘operated in games including World of Warcraft and Second Life’

To be honest i have played second life religiously for a while. I can tell you i have even assumed that this place is perfect for black op strategic planing. Its a bit hard to explane if you havent played the game. Yet this game is just a virtual world that spans across the globe with players in every continent. 

After a while playing this i found there to be underground community's for virtual prostitution rings that involve real money. At this point i figured how easy it could be for a sinister group to use this as a conduit for unspeakable acts. Such as child pedophilia sex rings and the lord can only know what else. Any how its no surprised to me as of lately a story has been release that in second life the governments have been using the program to conduct operations.