Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Odd Dream

Hey guys its Michael the main poster here. I wanted to share something with you cause im not sure what to do with this information being its just a dream i had.
Any ways i wanna tell you about a odd dream i just had.
OK well last night i was watching a jet lee movie called the "The Sorcerer and the White Snake" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eova0lSmxGw

 (the story is a love story between a human and a demon.)

The story has to do about demon hunters. Well after the movie i decided id search on the web with no real intent on finding anything. I found my self searching the Himalayas in Nepal cause i recall from a member of cover upz blog that some parts of the the Himalayas have nick names and i wanted to post the nick name under some ones G+ post on the mountains there. Well through my search i found that the legend of the Himalayas in Nepal mirrors "The Sorcerer and the White Snake". I took this as a message and only that. I had a feeling i could be contacted later about this some how and for some reason (to what end i dont know). 

Well after all my pot smoking and searching on date sites i decided to call it a night around 5am. Thanks to the THC i fell asleep fast and deep. In a amnesia lucid state (i was dreaming and didn't know) i found my self with a beautiful women. We talked and she made me feel like i knew her, like she was a love i had lost and we were back together happy. I began to get a vision of a memory and begin to hear a male speaking to me. He mentioned a video i had seen about shape shifting reptilians that never made sense to me and i figured it for fake. Yet for some odd reason i was finally able to see how the video was explaining how the hologram of the reptilians works (or looks like if the field is weak).
In the video i saw a man walking yet his bodys outline was becoming transparent and a bit colored from the TV feedback. What i realized then was the colored feed back was the hologram malfunctioning. As i looked closer i was able to see a long neck no arms small bulb like head behind the faint human image. At this point i realized that is the true form and not the build up one that we are being told by main stream media. 

As soon as i got this feeling i pulled my self back to the dream of me and the women and i looked through her hologram and saw the long neck being with no arms 
(Basically a snake standing on its tail with a human type head hidden behind a human form of a women. this also makes a little sense with the bible saying that the fallen angels were cast to earth and to no longer use their arms or legs they must crawl on their belly's)

 The being was very similar to this yet had no arms or body just a long shaft and little bulb head
same height as the human and hidden inside its form.

As fast as i saw this i grabbed the being by its neck, what i found amazingly odd was when i looked at this being with my angered stair i heard faint speaking like i was talking to my self yet it was another voice so i felt it some one else either the snake or some one talking to it. 

It was saying something along the lines of help me, he knows, he can now see. This was said in such a realistic panic i was almost wondering who she was talking to. I sensed another being close by but could not see them in the dream realm. As she was summoning help i could hear a immediate reply responding in a hard Knock on a wall. Yet this knock was so soft it didn't wake me and i was even more upset to see how they were trying to wake me. 

 This is a great example of the hologram wearing off.

One thing that stood out i am sort of used to so i tried to calm when this feeling washed over me, it was a feeling of fear of being alone in the battle that i was way behind enemy lines and would never be heard from again (This could be similar to the type of fear you see in a animal that his being caged or moved from its usual location). I could feel the 2 coming to the realization that i will eventually see them and tell many people how to see them. 

During this time i was chocking the snake and looking dead into its eyes trying to intimidate it. At this point i heard a HUGE 3 time knock on a wall to my left side. BANG,  BANG,  BANG. 
These bangs spun me out of the dream world and into this waking reality. When i awoke i realized that the banging was being done from this waking reality.

My bed is against a wall and behind this wall is a parking lot. It is rare for any one to knock three times on this wall. I am under the impression that what ever contact was being made in the dream realm made some effect here and who ever they have watching me came to the rescue of this enchantress. I have a suspicion who did the knock. Yet what really gets me is how did they know to knock and push me from my dream out into reality. 

Could this all be a coincidence. Possibly.