Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Masonic Symbols - Astana, Kazakhstan - 1 of 1

 I was looking at the blog's visits and i noticed some one found the blog through searching "Astana Illuminati. I you tubed it and found this. 
Seems like the reptilians are making a few moves. Based on something i read in a small blog, Hollywood has made a public statement they are considering moving the traditional Hollywood location from California Los Angeles to some where else. Could this be from all the negative exposure Hollywood has been getting. could it be they are wearing out their welcome in the city of Los Angeles?
Well after hearing a lil about this place Astana, Kazakhstan it give me the notion the draconians could be moving their finance center from london to this place.
I also found it odd this video was not allowed to be used as a embed. i was only allowed to use the link.