Saturday, November 9, 2013

Dark Secrets of the Order

Be aware these shape shifters hide in places of power. 
This is a video i searched under the name Cecil Rhodes. 
This video is about some kinda round table society. 
While i was watching it i noticed this man speaking about his career in the CIA. 
When i heard what he was saying i suspected him to be a shape shifter. 
well i looked at his segment and i noticed his left eye shift around with some holographic masking signs.

Its a bit hard for me to explane what these signs of masking are yet there are videos out there that display this. What happends is the eye has a masking field. When the mask is lowered you will noticed if you look very close in slow motion that the eye color will become mismatched and kinda glitch into many colors very quickly. Another sign is the star shape. if you look close at a shape shifter on video some times you may catch 5 dots around the eye lens in a kinda star form.
This is the holographic mask doing its job.

Masking can also be seen in a shifter who wears glass's. There are angles that the masking cant cover and what happends is you will see a block covering the glass frame and skin. 
There are many videos on this and with the right kinda perception you can train your eye to catch this. The key is to slow down the video. They do this so fast, being the hand is quicker then they eye. 
Be aware there are gatekeepers (people) who will fight tooth and nail to maintain the belief that has been spoon feed to them from birth about reality. They will say this is fake. 
I suspect their are some who know and deny this willingly. 
This is the hidden order.

This is the reptilian tounge.