Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Miley Cyrus admits she's a REPTILIAN in new SNL teaser skit


At the end of the second take, you will see them both look into the camera. If you look at mileys bottom lip you will see it disappear, it looks almost like she sticks her tongue out for a millisecond. I would also like to say that i think cover upz blog and the videos being posted here may be having a effect on the popular opinion. Its been seeming like the last few months we are having Hollywood reptoids trying to spin the story back in their favor.
If you have been following cover upz blog for the last two months or so you know we covered the miley cyrus reptilian video. I tried to spread the video through out google +. I have a feeling we must have had a effect on the public opinion if these reptoids are having to sweep up after being exposed.