Tuesday, September 10, 2013

MORGELLONS Real or Delusion? Under the Microscope

Im re sharing this cause i think i just posted it with out the video. so for you all who didnt see the video here it is again.
this is a video that shows morgellons fibers that are flashing like wi fi transceivers. there are also morgellons flakes that show signs of docking and connecting to each other symbiotically.  Can this be a alien disease like the one in the movie "district 9"?

the link below is to "Self-assembling Ge(Si)/Si(100) quantum dot" which is a link some one left after the video was posted figured i would also post it here.
The morphological evolution of self-assembled epitaxial quantum dots on Si(100) is reviewed. This intensely investigated material system continues to provide fundamental insight guiding the growth of nanostructured electronic materials. Self-assembled quantum dots are faceted, three-dimensional islands which grow atop a planar wetting layer. Pure Ge growth at higher substrate temperatures results in narrower island size distributions but activates additional strain-relief mechanisms which will alter the optical and electronic properties of the dots. Optical and electrical characterization has shown that electrons and holes are confined to different regions of the dot. This results in a spatially indirect, type II recombination mechanism. Emerging device applications which exploit properties of these nanoscale Ge islands are discussed.