Wednesday, September 4, 2013

~ Miley Cyrus ~ Babylon Twerking ~

Recently there was alot of controversy over one of miley ray cyrus's stage shows. Personally i dont watch these kinda events cause i feel like i am aware of their demonic ceremonies. Well from my understanding she was wearing next to nothing and dancing like a stripper. 
I dont think that is anything new to hollywood. I think there is something that every one miss'ed, yet their subconscious mind knows they saw. Kinda like the fight club movie. They added subliminals into the film, a small number of people realized they were their until they released the dvd and every one saw they were their from the bonus dvd content explaining where they were.
The same thing is happening here, except i think she could be under demon possession. When the footage is slowed down we can see her face morphing. Could this be what got people hair on the back of their head to stand up when they saw this in real time. Sub consciously realizing they were watching a demon dancing?