Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cover-Up'z Q & A with William Tell

 Ok guys this is a long awaited interview with one of the best reptilian hunters in the world on the web. William Tell from you tube, this guys hard core exposure of some of the worlds elite reptilians has the internet security agents up late nights scrubbing the net to make sure this doesn't go viral! Here is your chance now to hear from one of the Reptilian Rebellion Fighters your self and see what it takes to expose Lucifer's Fallen Angels.

                                                     Reptilian Reporter Rachel Stockmen

William i have to thank you so much for doing this for cover upz blog.

Q:So let me ask you what got you started up to put together your first video?

A: It was 2007 and I had just discovered YouTube, I was merely a viewer at the time, I was of course drawn to the paranormal subject matter, and of course I fond david Icke. I believe that two and two connected in my mind. From that point forward it was very much like the movie"They Live" I had somehow obtained these magical eyes that could see through the illusion of society on daily basis. So as my journey into the phenomenon continues 2009 rolls around and television went digital....this is where the true inspiration kicked in. I was watching the news one day around that time and the news reporter , right before me eyes, turned into a beast of another kind, not human , and there was no mistake what I was seeing, even though it took my mind a moment to absorb what exactly was happening. At that point I started to experiment with a basic camera phone seeing if I could capture what I was seeing with the naked eye on television.

Q:What do you use to make your videos?

 A: I use a 72' VIZIO 1080 HD television with AT&T UVerse in HD. I use a JVC  AVC/HD EVERIO with X60 digital zoom and I record in 1080P for the utmost clarity.

Ok lets talk about some of your videos

Q:Although you have hundreds of videos as of recently I have to admit your best
video for me yet was Anderson Cooper reptilian shapeshifter,
can you tell me how you came to make that video?

~ Anderson Cooper ~ Reptilian Shapeshifter ~ 

 A: Well, as I explained in the video description, I  have had a bone to pick with Anderson Cooper since he was on the news reporting on Sandy Hoax, and held up a picture that was supposedly drawn by a student. Of course it was a perfect rendering of Moloch the owl deity that is worshiped yearly at the Bohemian Grove club where they preform a cremation of care , a pagan ceremony that involves burning an effigy of a human being in all the pomp and circumstance that accompanies satanic rituals. At any rate , I loathe what these people at the Bohemian Grove stand for. All anyone has to do is search online about the "Owl God Moloch" an old testament deity that people sacrificed their children to from the pregnancies that took place during Ishtar, A grove worshiping event that mostly  today is celebrated as easter (an imaginary holiday created by the church) these festivals included massive orgies and all manner of abominations to the flesh and spirit. The long back story is just to give you some insight into my motivation to dislike this secret society and what they stand for. When I saw Cooper on CNN holding the picture of Moloch that Emily Parker drew (supposedly) child would draw an owl in such a fashion. It was an apparent message to the elate and powerful government figures and inner secret societies that operate under the guise of law enforcement. Not to mention the man is a compulsive liar, even though he gets paid to be one, I still dislike him in general, and when I saw his reptilian pupils I all at once knew exactly why.

Q:I really start to cheer for you when you do videos like the one you did for
the Trayvon Martin case. When we have story's that go big like that in our news
media i think its impotent to also expose those shifting in the middle of this. from
my understanding those are the ones that are responsible for all the corruption in the news.
I have noticed you have done some more videos on government officials, can you tell me
about your thoughts this?

                                  ~Zimmerman Murder Trial ~ Monsters In The Gallery ~ 2/2

   A: Well, if the theories are correct the government is largely controlled by a demonic, reptilian race of inter-dimensional beings that posses people in places of power and influence. Seeing all the corruption in government I started looking for anomalies in high profile cases and high profile individuals. low and behold there they were, to the point of ambiguity , like they just didn't care if the average citizens witnessed this transformation , besides, what is someone going to do about it? if you called any type of law enforcement, the would have you committed, this is still a taboo subject in certain circles and people Will treat you differently if they know you believe in reptilians , paranormal, ETC,.. At any rate, I decided after a while to focus mainly on Government , hollywood, media, I started cataloging them with names, positions, past history, and connections to the occult and other secret societies.  all other factors involved that prove this is a real occurrence and not just a figment of peoples imagination are also present in all most if not all my findings. Government and Hollywood are the two most infiltrated aspects of their aggressive infiltration into our society .

Q:I think you have a sense for getting people that are of the time and exposing them for
shapeshifting. one of my favorites is the butter loving racist Paula Deen.
Did it take you long to see that video out?

 A: Not at all. I dont have to search very hard as it is becoming more common place to see the shapeshiftings take place. Another thought on that question is that once you see them, once you know what to look for, you see them EVERYWHERE ! even common and middle class individuals are sometimes hybrid or GMO clones . the Clones are manufactured in an underground facility  near Dulce airforce Base , and they are created for the sole purpose of letting demonic spirits , reptilians, archons, what ever you feel comfortable calling them, have a vessel to inhabit. Born without a soul? It would seem so and the scientist provide a demonic entity to inhabit the clone.

Q: ok i think you may of also been one of the first to make a james brown and elvis video
am i correct? can you tell us about those?

 A: unfortunately I did not get to the James Brown footage early enough to be one of the first to post. I think people on the same wave length have the same ideas at the same time, Great minds think alike, we are all connected after all. As far as Elvis, there was a video out before i made mine, but my three or four Elvis videos are original and not redundant .

Q: Can you tell us about your Alex jones Video and your thoughts on him as well?

 A: im still divided on Alex Jones, mainly because my gut tells me he is playing both sides against the middle. he did NOT sneak into Bohemian Grove to film the cremation of care, you can clearly here people sitting right next to him in the front row. I think I will follow my instincts , which are usually right, and say that I think Alex Jones is not completely credible, he serves up truth with two sides of propaganda  and a slice of confusion for desert.

Q:I think you need a list of all the high level celebrity's that you exposed.
can you give us a list of the high level reptoids you documented?
That way some of our viewers who are new can take a look.

 A: As I said they are cataloged with names and positions, I would have to go through and make a list, I dont not keep a record of my posts, but I can tell you a few that people may want t see.... Barack Obama, Charlie Mason, Anderson Cooper, Britney Spears, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hillary Clinton, Robert Patterson, Susan Atkins, Bill Gates, and the list goes on ,and growing every week.

Q:Also all these lil tv movie shows are a heaven for all these reptilians.
after watching so much of you, john ellizz and eye of the angel all on youtube
i was able to spot shift's for my self in real time. so i was watching walking dead series
and sure enough i found my self a shifter. well i could see many of them were shifting
yet i only stopped and took a screen shot of a really good one. the funny thing
is that there is this body language the reptilians take that lets you know something is up.
Can you tell me a lil about how you spot your shapeshifters?

 A: Honestly I felt led by the holy spirit , I seem to be guided to the videos. I wont even be trying to find them and that's when they seem to be most apparent, or at least to me. I have been interested in paranormal topics such as this since I can remember. I usually look for eyes flickering, unexplained sentences being rattled off by some movie star during an interview. The best way to answer this question is that the videos find me, i just document them and keep it moving.

Q:id like to bring up the issue of skeptics cause i was actually blocked from you channel and
i am far from skeptical of what you do. from my understanding i was blocked for spamming my
blog in your channel (i said i was sorry). Yet what id like to talk about is i suspect
these aliens have a masonic like system set up across the world that is us used to
discredit any real findings of this type of information. I mean yes there is a percent
that is conditioned not to research this type of information.
What do you think about Skeptic's?

 A: First of all let me say that YouTube has some bugs that are there on purpose, I don not remember blocking you, if I did it was a mistake and Im very sorry, I rarely block anyone, and i always try to answer all questions and emails, it takes a considerable amount of time to follow up on the questions and comments of  others, of course sifting through the agents of YouTube gang stalking crew makes this process longer than necessary I may have made a mistake and actually meant to block the person commenting , Some times the trolls and gang stalkers are so overwhelming it puts one in a defensive position, again another tactic to discourage the truth seekers. Skeptics are always welcome to express their point of view on my videos, as long as they keep it respectful and intelligent. I have zero time for fear, ignorance or fear, Skepticism can be a good thing, denial on the other hand is detrimental to ones intuition. I like to believe that people learn, grow and change spiritually and transcend these doubts and fears'

 Here is a ban warning for sharing these videos on david ickes forum from his offical mod's

Q:I suspect these skeptics are more less agents that knowingly hide the truth from others in
the like maze matrix we are in. the issue is these agents are closer to the truth then you
know. what i mean by this is that the ones that seem to be revealing this information are
in on it to. i actually almost was banned from david ickes forum for posting these videos.
the david icke forum is filled to the rim with agents.
do you feel like there is a resistance against your work?

 A:  Most certainly , a very strong resistance. I noted that if you make a video that goes viral , they show up in droves, And if easily intimidated these people will make you doubt your own beliefs and motives. Never doubt that voice inside that tells you tight from wrong, because Microsoft has not made that app yet. Just a little levity to close my thoughts. I am grateful for the interest in my channel and the many others like it. I hope I have reached at least one person, if I have then its been worth every moment of hard work that I give of myself freely. I hope you all start your own investigations into these matters, don't take my word for it, see for yourselves and make an informed decision .  

 Q: Well thanks so much for the time you took out to answer some stuff for the followers, is there anything you would like to say to the people out there on the net?

A: I am  very happy I could answer some questions for you, I look forward to our next interview. If I could say anything to people on the internet I suppose it would be to stay vigilant , unlearn what you have been programed to think and realize that what we perceive as REAL matter are only atoms vibrating of one another. Being a skeptic is okay, but be respectful when you want to engage in a debate or discussion with someone of different beliefs , it will get you much further than any other approach  And finally , never label someone as mentally ill just because you don't agree with their opinions, it's exactly what the enemy wants , plus its dismissive and detrimental to the human learning experience. Thanks again for allowing me a forum in which I can express myself freely. Until next time, be well friends.
~William Tell~