Thursday, September 26, 2013

BUSTED! Governments Hire Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion

Check this out! 
It has finally been admitted that the governments of the planet are hiring people to get online and shape public opinion. If you have been using the internet and noticed a mass number of people who are in constant conflict with your views and political opinions. Then watch this video. This video explanes how there secret groups hired to come on the internet and spread propaganda and smear any one who stands in their way. 
I have personally dealt with this my self. I have as of recently been getting my accounts fished for the password and locked on me. I assume this is for spreading conflicting information that is against the interest of the NWO governments.
Dont be fooled by the public opinion. Don't allow your self to fool others by maintaining what is expected to be the norm. The only power maintained here is the fear they hold over the public.