Monday, September 30, 2013

~ Bryan ( Heisenberg ) Cranston ~ Reptilian Shapeshifter ~

Yes, here we are again. We find our self in another weird video. Reptilian aliens who hide behind the face of men and call them self's kings. Do you really know what humans are? Can you tell me the answer to life? Eye's closed and hears open. Are you a useless eater? Government Troll?

Who's to say that your privacy isn't being invaded now through your wifi, and your smartphones? Might i dare say your smart phones may be out smarting you?

What is the unseen hand. Why don't you care, why do you care? Riddled inside the seems of the city you'll find these answers. Some may not be able to believe the truth that your soul is giving you every waking day. Are you happy? Are you a leader?

I am going to tell you now, in this video bellow is a abomination to the name of the lord. You can see them in the Vatican, you can see them on your news station and political debates. Do they see you? What do they see in you? Can you see the battle ground ? 
Alert your mind.